Who Was The Writer For The Play You Can’t Take It With You?

  • First staged in December, 1936, at a time when the United States was only beginning to recover from the bleakest days of the Great Depression, You Can’t Take It with You was the third play written by the team of George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart, the most successful collaborators in the history of the American theater.

Who wrote you cant take it with you?

Penny is a loving mother and wife who is constantly concerned with the welfare of her family. Her main goal is to make sure everyone is happy, particularly her daughter Alice. She is a main character. Wife of Ed, daughter of Penny and Paul Sycamore, Granddaughter of Martin, sister of Alice.

What is the conflict in you can’t take it with you?

STYLE. You Can’t Take It with You has three well-balanced acts. Act I introduces the members of the eccentric Vanderhof-Sycamore family and sets up the play’s central conflict: Alice Sycamore becomes engaged to her boss’s son, Tony Kirby, but she does not think his family can accept hers.

What year was the movie you can’t take it with you made?

Alice: The daughter of Penelope and Paul and sister of Essie, Alice is a lovely, fresh young girl of about twenty-two.

Who is the character that works at Kirby and Co and is engaged to Tony?

Tony Kirby Fiancé of Alice, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kirby. He sees how, even though the Sycamores appear odd, they are really the perfect family because they love and care about each other.

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How long is almost Maine?

Running Time: Two hours and 10 minutes with an Intermission.

How long can’t take it with you?

The play is set in the small town of Mesalia, Ohio in the weeks leading to Christmas in the late 1930s. The famously outlandish New York City radio wit Sheridan Whiteside (‘Sherry’ to his friends) is invited to dine at the house of the well-to-do factory owner Ernest W. Stanley and his family.

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