The libretto of doctor atomic includes poetry from

Where does the opera Doctor Atomic take place?

Los Alamos

What is the subject of the opera Doctor Atomic?

First produced in 2005, Doctor Atomic is an English-language opera about nuclear physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer and the first test of the atomic bomb he and his scientific team had assembled at Los Alamos in 1945. It was the test that would decide whether the bomb was ready to be dropped on Japan.

Who wrote Doctor Atomic?

Джон Кулидж Адамс

What year does Doctor Atomic take place?


Which work by John Adams is based on the 1985 hijacking of a cruise liner by Palestinian terrorists?

The Death of Klinghoffer

Who wrote the text for the aria Batter my heart from Doctor Atomic?

John Adams

Which physicist headed the team that developed the atomic bomb?

Robert Oppenheimer

Which work by John Adams is based on the life of J Robert Oppenheimer?

The Making of the Atomic Bomb

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