Poetry sharon olds

Where does Sharon Olds live?

In 1997, after 29 years of marriage, they divorced, and Olds moved to New Hampshire, though she commutes to New York three days a week. There, she lives in the same Upper West Side apartment she has lived in for the past 40 years while working as a Professor at New York University.

When was Sharon Olds born?

19 ноября 1942 г. (возраст 77 лет)

How old is Sharon Olds?

77 лет (19 ноября 1942 г.)

What is the poem on the subway about?

“On the Subway” is about the long-standing unequal power dynamic between black and white people in the United States. … The white woman in the poem wears a coat of black fur, which is symbolic of the way in which whites have historically tried to profit from black labor during slavery and even after slavery ended.

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