Often asked: The Last Dog 7th Grade Literature?

What is the story the last dog about?

The Last Dog is a documentary about a man named Peter who is in his seventies. His dog has just died and he decides he will never own another dog in his lifetime. However, a friend takes him to view a litter of Saint Bernard puppies. He falls in love with one of them and names the puppy Hawthorn.

What is the main conflict that stands out in the last dog?

The conflict is that he is trying to save the dog. He wants to know what else is in their world while everyone just wants to test the dog. The conflict is external because the conflict involves everyone in the dome because of the dog and their opinions on the dog.

What is the setting of the last dog?

The Location of this story is somewhere in outer space. people talk in is English. Just like modern day Brock meets a dog and learns more about the dog. Scientists also do testings on Brock and his dog Brog.

Why does Brock leave the dome?

At the end of “The Last Dog,” why do the scientists let Brock and Brog leave the dome? The scientists want to observe Brock and Brog’s activity outside. The scientists think that Brock and Brog have a dangerous disease. The scientists realize that Brog will survive only by returning to the wild.

What is the theme of the last dog?

The Last Dog on Earth largely focuses on the impact of disease and both public and governmental panic. Society is ravaged by fear over the epidemic, endangering Logan and Jack despite the two being uninfected.

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Why does Brock need a scanner to tell him that he is lonely?

“What’s a scanner?” Brock asked. The podmaster requisitioned one from storage, but at the same time, he must have alerted Research, because it was the representative from Research who had brought him the scanner and questioned him about his expressed desire for an Actual Adventure—a journey outside the dome.

How does Meeting Brog change Brock’s life?

Meeting Brog has changed Brock’s life because Brock gets to learn about love, care, and having fun. He also learns about a new life which he enjoys more than learning about it virtually.

Why does Brock bite Brog on the tail?

Why does Brock bite Brog on the tail? He wants the scientists to think that Brog has rabies so they won’t do experiments on Brog.

Who are the main characters in the last dog?

The main character in “The Last Dog” is Brock. He is a young boy who lives in a futuristic society. He has no parents because he was born from a test tube in a lab. He lives with fellow pod mates and a pod master.

What has the puppy lost that Brock never had?

What has the puppy lost that brock never had? the puppy lost its mother which was a thing Brock never had in his life. Why do the scientist want to clone Brog? so that they can have another dog and so they can do test on the other dog.

What do the scientists plan to do with Brog the puppy?

What do the scientists plan to do with Brog, the puppy, in “The Last Dog“? They plan to free her back into the wild. They plan to sell her to fund research. They plan to breed her with another dog.

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How does the setting inside the dome help Brock make his decision?

How does the setting inside the dome help Brock make his decision? The dome helped Brock make his decision because the people guaranteed that his plan would work.

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