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Readers ask: Choices nikki giovanni poem?

What is the meaning of the poem choices by Nikki Giovanni?

The poem basically is saying that we don’t have the choices we think we should have or believe but we know that life is short.

Who wrote the poem choices?

CHOICES – Written by the Famous African American Poet Nikki Giovanni.

What is the tone of the poem choices?

Tone. The first stanza is aggressive in its tone as it establishes an unwillingness to conform. The second stanza is resigned. Giovanni realizes that she cannot completely reform her society, but she can speak out against it.

What is the theme of the poem mothers by Nikki Giovanni?

The theme of “Mothers” by Nikki Giovanni is family relationships, specifically mother-daughter relationships.

Why is Nikki Giovanni important?

Giovanni is a prominent poet and writer who first caught the publics attention as part of the Black Arts movement of the late 1960s. After graduating with honors from Fisk University in 1967, she returned to Cincinnati and established the city’s first Black Arts Festival.

What does lateral mean?

(Entry 1 of 3) 1: of or relating to the side a lateral view. 2: situated on, directed toward, or coming from the side the lateral branches of a tree. 3: extending from side to side the lateral axis of an airplane.

How does the narrator in choices react to each of the things she can’t do?

Key Ideas and Details: How does the narrator in “Choicesreact to each of the things she can’t do? The narrator Reacts to the things she can’t do by comparing it to something or she add positivity to the negative problem 6.

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What is the tone of legacies by Nikki Giovanni?

Legacies’ by Nikki Giovanni discusses the passing down of knowledge from one generation to another. It touches on themes of family, independence, and death. The grandmother wants the granddaughter to be more independent but doesn’t say that directly.

What type of poem is Knoxville Tennessee?

Or, as in the poemKnoxville, Tennessee,” she is writing from the points of view of an individual (or a child), an African-American and Southern child in particular, and any child enjoying his or her long, delicious summer holiday. “Knoxville, Tennessee” is both a personal and a public poem.

What type of poetry is Nikki Giovanni known for?

Nikki Giovanni, byname of Yolande Cornelia Giovanni, Jr., (born June 7, 1943, Knoxville, Tennessee, U.S.), American poet whose writings ranged from calls for black power to poems for children and intimate personal statements.

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