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Quick Answer: George gray poem?

What is the theme of the poem George Gray?

George Gray is afraid to accept his ambitions in life because he knows that as there is reward, there may also be risk. He did not know what he could afford to lose in following his ambitions so he initially chose to ignore various feelings such as sorrow and ambition.

What does George Gray regret?

But now that he is dead, he regrets wasting every possibility offered to him in his life and recognizes that his greatest mistake was keeping “a furled sail” and not “catching the winds of destiny”, with the result of living a meaningless life.

Which statement best expresses the theme of the poem George Gray?

The statement which BEST expresses the theme of the poem is: A) To live life fully, one must take risks. Explanation: The poemGeorge Gray” has been written by Edgar Lee Masters.

What is a boat longing for the sea and yet afraid?

According to the speaker, what is “a boat longing for the sea and yet afraid”? A life without love.

Which interpretation of the poem sees the poem in a primarily positive light?

The correct answer is letter D. Explanation: ‘Being positive‘ means looking for the useful aspects of a specific situation for future references, the option expressed in letter D propones seeing George Grey’s life as a reference to remember to be brave and chase our dreams to live a meaningful life.

Which line in the poem suggests that finding meaning in one’s life can be very dangerous?

Answer: The correct answer is B. Explanation: “To put meaning in one’s life may end in madness ” It means that finding a meaning in life can lead you to madness, it is written as it CAN be, NOT that it will necessarily happen.

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Which best describes how George Gray feels about the image on his tombstone?

Answer: A) He believes the image on his tombstone shows how afraid he was of taking big risks. Explanation: “George Gray” is Edgar Lee Masters’ poem about a dead man, who has wasted his life. Gray is the speaker of the poem, a man who was not ready to take risks and see where life would bring him.

When was George Gray written?

George Gray. Masters, Edgar Lee. 1916. Spoon River Anthology.

What is Fiddler Jones about?

Fiddler Jones has an open mind, he sees the world differently than the common man and is not narrow minded. He could have worked his farm like every other man, plowing his life away, but instead he decided to follow his dreams, play his music, and live his life to the fullest.

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