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Question: The blind side poem?

What is the poem in The Blind Side movie?

Charge of the Light Brigade by Lord Tennyson.

How many of the 600 survived the charge?

In the end, of the roughly 670 Light Brigade soldiers, about 110 were killed and 160 were wounded, a 40 percent casualty rate. They also lost approximately 375 horses. Despite failing to overrun Balaclava, the Russians claimed victory in the battle, parading their captured artillery guns through Sevastopol.

Is Forward the Light Brigade about LSU?

In the recently released movie “The Blind Side” about former Ole Miss left tackle Michael Oher, his guardian explains to him that “The Charge of the Light Brigade,” Lord Alfred Tennyson’s classic poem is in reality about the Rebels’ rivalry game against LSU, now known as the Magnolia Bowl.

How did Lord Cardigan die?

He died from injuries caused by a fall from his horse on 28 March 1868, possibly following a stroke, and was buried in the family vaults at St Peter’s Church, Deene.

What does the Valley of Death refer to?

In Stanza 1 the phrase valley of Death means Death awaiting/to die/no escape from clutches of death 16.

What is the message of Charge of the Light Brigade?

The Charge of the Light Brigade is an emotive poem which both praises and laments the action of the battle. During the Crimean War the idea of the heroic and brave British soldier emerged, whose moral duty was to fight for justice. Previously military heroes were gentleman of the upper classes.

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Are cardigans from Cardigan?

A cardigan is a type of knitted garment that has an open front.

Cardigan (sweater)

Cardigan in fashion photo from 1947
Type Knitted garment
Manufacturer Many

What was the mistake in the battle of Balaclava?

In the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War, the British tried to defend the port of Balaclava against the Russians. During the Charge of the Light Brigade, a lot of British cavalry died because of a mistake. In the end, the British kept control of Balaclava, but it was really a victory for the Russians.

Who is the current Earl of Cardigan?

Earl of Cardigan is a title in the Peerage of England, currently held by the Marquesses of Ailesbury, and used as a courtesy title by the heir apparent to that Marquessate, currently David Brudenell-Bruce, Earl of Cardigan, son of the 8th Marquess.

Earl of Cardigan.

Earldom of Cardigan
Former seat(s) Tottenham House

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