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Often asked: The snake poem author?

Who is the writer of snake?

The poem Snake by D.H. Lawrence was written in the early 1920s. It is a narrative poem that uses imagery and symbolism to convey Lawrence’s idea’s about society throughout history. One can see many parallels between social class and Snake.

How is the snake in the poem?

The snake described in the poem is small and green in colour. The sudden curvings of its thin body charm the poem. So does its graceful movement. When it glides through the water it looks an object of grace and beauty.

Which word has been used in the poem for snake?

Here, the word “clatter” is used. “I picked up a clumsy log and threw it at the water-trough with a clatter.”

What is the message of the poem the snake trying?

The poem is about a green-colored snake trying to hide himself in the green bushes. The message that the poet wants to convey through this poem is that it is not the snakes that are dangerous but humans that are dangerous to snakes because snakes only attack when they see danger from the person.

What was the snake trying to save itself from?

The Snake Trying Summary. In this poem, a harmless green – coloured snake tries to save itself from being hit by a person who is chasing it with a stick to kill it. The poet says that the snake is harmless even to children. People fear snakes and when they see one, they try to kill it with a stick.

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Who chased away the snake and why?

Answer: The snake was lying on the sand before anyone saw it and chased it away. The snake disappeared in the ripples of the water among the green reeds. II 1.

How did the snake avoid getting hurt?

The snake starts moving towards the pond to avoid being killed. He glides on the surface of the pond’s water to reach the bank on the other side which has slim and green reeds like the snake’s body. Here he can easily camouflage himself and avoid being detected and killed.

Why does the man want to kill the snake?

Answer: The man thinks that the snake is poisonous and hence it is better to kill it. The snake does not stick to one straight path but wends its way in and out of the path. At last, the snake floats over the water and hides itself into the green reeds.

What is the background of the poem the snake?

Snake is one of D.H. Lawrence’s best animal poems, written during a stay at Fontana Vecchia in Taormina, Sicily, in 1923. It explores the relationship between humans and one of the most feared reptiles on earth – a venomous snake.

Why is the poet fascinated with the snake?

The poet was fascinated by the snake because it looked heavenly. The way it moved and glided mesmerized the poet and left him awestruck. The poet wanted it to go unhurt because it was the poet’s guest who had visited the trough before him just to drink water on that hot summer day.

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What does the poet think of snakes?

The poet thinks that the snake is beautiful and graceful when she sees the snake making moves in the stream of water trying to escape from the hit by a stick. The snake is small and green and is making curves as it tries to escape the approaching stick. The poem is about the cruelty of humans on animals.

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