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Often asked: The rear guard poem?

What is the rear guard poem about?

Siegfried Sassoon takes on a narrative style in his poem “The RearGuard”, and combines it with complex syntax to portray the speaker’s horrific experiences throughout war. The poem exposes a soldier’s experience of finding the violent battlefield above through the death-filled tunnels.

What does rosy gloom mean?

“exploring fifty feet below / The rosy gloom of battle overhead”: the extreme depth in which the soldier moves implies an almost absolute removal from the world of the surface and the fighting above, imagined as a “rosy gloom”. There is a sense that the soldier is exploring a completely ‘other’ realm.

When was the rear guard written?

The poem was written while Sassoon was in hospital in France recovering from a wound received at the battle of Arras in April 1916. The poem was published in ‘Counter-Attack and Other Poems’ (1918).

Where is the rear guard what is going on above him?

Where is the rear guard? What is going on above him? The rear guard is below ground. There is a war going on above him.

What does rear guard mean?

As a noun, rearguard refers to the soldiers that are stationed at the rear of a body to protect it from attack especially during retreat. (The troops at the front are called the vanguard.)

Where is the rear guard in Skyrim?

In Castle Dour in Solitude. Upon entry turn right and go down the stairs to the soldiers’ quarters and immediately to the left. It is sitting on a small table.

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