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Often asked: The darkling thrush poem?

What does the Darkling Thrush mean?

‘The Darkling Thrush‘ is rich in metaphor. ‘Darklingmeans ‘of the darkness’, and conveys an ‘end of days’ metaphor. Here the dusk doesn’t just refer to the dimming of light. On a deeper level, we deal with despair and death of the century. Add the winter landscape to this, and things get more dismal.

What is the main theme of the poem The Darkling Thrush?

The primary theme of “The Darkling Thrush” is the despair of the modern temperament. Hardy describes in lyrical, descriptive detail the dying of the old world, but he cannot positively replace the dying with the new. Something is over, all is changed, civilization has decayed, and he does not know what will replace it.

What does the thrush symbolize in the Darkling Thrush?

The thrush, which draws on the motif of the singing bird in Romantic literature, represents hope. Like Hardy himself, the thrush uses his voice to create beauty.

What do lines 5/6 of the Darkling Thrush suggest?

Lines 56 – ‘That I could think there trembled through his happy good-night air’. This proves that the thrush is happy and the poet may be a little comforted by the thrush’s song. This may be shown by the alliteration of ‘th’ and ‘tr’ sounds.

Is The Darkling Thrush an elegy?

Thomas Hardy’s poem “The Darkling Thrush” presents the despair regarding the end of a century and the industrial revolution. Written at the turn of the 20th century, the elegy laments the end of the century which was more natural, more humane and livelier to him.

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What is the mood of the poem The Darkling Thrush?

The mood in the “The Darkling Thrush” is vivid and depicts a nature as the themes and mood of its poem altogether. This means that he describes the ongoing phenomenon of the world around him.

What is the meaning of Spectre GREY in the Darkling Thrush?

The presence of frost tells readers it is winter, and the adjective “spectregrey,” a word Hardy coined, suggests a haunted landscape. The word “dregs” means the last of something, but here the dregs act upon the “weakening eye of day,” making the twilight “desolate.”

What are the poet’s feelings at the end of the poem Darkling Thrush?

The happy shrill note of the thrush in the utter gloom reminds us that there is no real communication between man and nature. Both are perhaps indifferent to each other. If Nature seems to be gloomy it is only the projection of the gloom within the poet’s mind. The poet has failed to interpret Nature properly.

How is the tiny thrush a harbinger of hope?

Upon the growing gloom

is suggestive of both hope and desperation. It gives the impression of the thrush giving up its life to fight the gloomy environment. It is an indirect reference to Christ’s sufferings and death on the cross, followed by his resurrection from the dead, bringing hope to mankind.

How is the thrush a complete antithesis to everything else that is represented in the poem The Darkling Thrush?

There is another focal point to this poem — the Thrush. A complete antithesis (contrast) to what everything else in the poem represents, the bird speaks of Hope, Joy and Change. This play of light and shade called chiaroscuro effect is treated equally in the poem.

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How does the speaker feel about the bird in the Darkling Thrush?

The speaker says in the last stanza that he “could think there trembled through his happy good-night air some blessed Hope.” The speaker recognizes that the bird offers hope. And coming from just a worn out and diminished bird, makes that hope significant. However, he admits that he is unaware of what that hope is.

What makes the sight from the coppice gate so depressing in the Darkling Thrush?

The view from the coppice gate is so depressing because it is a dreary winter day in the late afternoon (the speaker refers to this time as the “weakening eye of day”) as the sun is beginning to go down. Everything looks gray and desolate. It is cold, and the frost covering the landscape is a ghostly “spectre” gray.

What does the poem The Darkling Thrush tell you about man’s relationship with nature?

Hardy has distinctively portrayed nature, having his own unique style and perspective in his writing. Discussing different characters and their different qualities and the roles the characters are given in relation to the natural world surrounding them is immensely important to understand the manenvironment linkage.

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