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Often asked: Please bring a book instead of a card poem?

How do you ask for a book instead of a card?

Please bring a book instead of a card. Well-loved or brand new, either will do! But please don’t feel obligated; We’ll leave it up to you.

What do you write in a baby shower card instead of a book?

Quotes to Write in a Baby Shower Book

  1. “From the moment they placed you in my arms, you snuggled right into my heart.” –
  2. “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always.
  3. “You can find magic wherever you look.
  4. “When you love what you have, you have everything you need.” –
  5. “Never look back.

How do you ask for diapers instead of gifts?

Please bring a little extra from the heart, An unwrapped pack of diapers to give them a good start! We can’t wait to see you at the shower! But please don’t wrap gifts in more than a ribbon or flower.

How do you sign a book for a baby shower?

Many mentioned reading and bedtime stories, and the other common inscription for a baby shower book was to link the message to the book itself. Inside ‘The Giving Tree’, my baby’s great-aunt wrote, ‘May your life be filled with the joy of giving and loving’.

What do you write inside a book?

What Should You Write in the Inscription?

  • Document when the book was given and who gave it.
  • Explain why this particular book is meant for the recipient.
  • Say what the giver thought was special about it.
  • Wish the recipient well on a particular occasion.
  • Provide some life advice.

What do I write inside a gift book?

Here are some heartfelt messages to accompany that gift.

  1. “You’ve worked so hard for so many years.
  2. “I love all of our family meals together.
  3. “I’m so excited that you’re going to be a mom, and I’m going to be an aunt!
  4. “I remember reading Dr.
  5. “Happy 21st birthday!
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How do you write a message in a book?

How to Write a Personal Message in a Book

  1. Select the appropriate book to give as a gift.
  2. Write an inscription based on the occasion and recipient.
  3. Write the inscription with a quality pen on scrap paper.
  4. Write your message on the inside of the book.
  5. Write the date at the top of your message.

What do you write in a baby shower card funny?

Funny Baby Shower Card Messages

  • Your new arrival is blessed to have such wonderful parents in you two.
  • Parenthood: the scariest hood you’ll ever go through.
  • A toast to the bun in your oven!
  • Can’t wait to welcome your new tiny Overlord!
  • You’re a parent.
  • To the Mom most likely to teach neighborhood kids how to swear.

Should I write in a book gift?

To make the gift even more personal, you should consider adding an inscription to the book. Inscribing a book for a gift adds a special touch that creates an emotional connection to a book and turns it into a keepsake rather than just another book on the shelf.

What is a diaper raffle?

These diaper raffle tickets are an original and fun way to ask your guests to bring along a pack of diapers for the new baby. When a guest brings a pack of diapers of any size to the baby shower, their raffle ticket gets entered into a draw for a chance to win a special prize!

What is a diaper raffle game?

A diaper raffle is where guests to a baby shower bring a pack of diapers to be entered into a raffle drawing. A diaper fund is where guests can buy a raffle ticket for a set amount of money, then their ticket gets put into a drawing for a prize.

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What is a diaper baby shower?

Rather than buy an overabundance of outfits that only get worn a few times before the baby grows too big, or wandering in the baby department trying to figure out the best gift, a diaper shower allows guests to buy exactly what the expectant parents need most – a large supply of diapers!

What should I include in a baby book?

Here are the highlights:

  • Focus on the first year.
  • Use front and back covers to tell a story.
  • Add an introduction page.
  • Put monthly pregnancy photos side by side.
  • Write a little story about before they were born.
  • Add pregnancy photos of you and your spouse.
  • Save a place for sonograms.
  • Consider using a footprint sticker.

What should I write in a book for my girlfriend?

Your love gives me strength and makes me feel special. I cannot imagine my life without your sweet smile, beautiful eyes, kind heart, and life-saving advice. You are my dream girl. No other could make me feel so good.

What do you write to a new baby?


  • “So happy for you two!
  • “Ahhh!
  • “You two deserve every bit of happiness this baby is going to bring you.”
  • “So many happy and wonder-filled times ahead for you…
  • “Warmest congratulations on the birth of your sweet baby girl!”
  • “Love just got real.
  • “Welcome to the world, little one!

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