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Often asked: Once upon a time poem?

What is the poem once upon a time about?

The poem is a conversation between a father and his son where the son does things with emotion and the father wants to forget his fake personality and re-learn and create real personalities from his son. And he is asking the son to show him how to express true love and show real personality to others.

What kind of person is Gabriel Okara?

Gabriel Okara, in full Gabriel Imomotimi Gbaingbain Okara, (born April 21, 1921, Bumodi, Nigeria—died March 25, 2019, Yenagoa, Nigeria), Nigerian poet and novelist whose verse had been translated into several languages by the early 1960s. 3 дня назад

How does Gabriel Okara Criticise the modern life in his poem once upon a time?

Answer: There is no connection between their actions and their feelings. This is a serious problem in modern society but the poet criticizes it in the true style of a satire. He is trying to tell them to relearn from their children how to be natural and honest and sincere.

What are the poetic devices used in the poem once upon a time?

Contents. The literary devices used throughout the poem are metaphors, similes and repetition. An example of a metaphor is found on stanza 1, ‘laugh with their teeth, while their ice-block cold eyes search behind his shadow’. The phrase “once upon a time” is repeated at the beginning and the end of the poem.

What is the irony in Once Upon a Time?

The biggest irony of “Once Upon a Time” is the child getting hurt by what was to protect him, especially since bed time stories and fairy tales are supposed to end happily. In conclusion, the most important element in the story is irony, which is used to reflect the idea of humans leading into their own destruction.

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What is the message of the poem prayer of the woods?

In the poem ‘The Prayer of the Woods‘ a tree speaks to the travellers who are starting their journey through the forest. It tells them how useful the trees are to the human beings. They are used by human beings at home and at work. They are useful in heat and cold.

What kind of person is the speaker in once upon a time?

The speaker in this poem Once upon a time is about a time when citizens are sincere in work and do their jobs professionally. It is nothing but taken with famous words and taken mostly vast region. Nigerian Gabriel Okara wrote the poem from the perspective of a parent addressing a young boy.

Who is talking in the poem once upon a time?

The poem “Once Upon a Time” by Nigeria poet Gabriel Okara is written from the perspective of a parent addressing his young son. The title and opening line, “Once upon a time,” frame the poem as a kind of bedtime story or fairy tale, as the father reminisces about a (now lost) time of openness, kindness, and honesty.

What does the father in Once Upon a Time want to be?

Again, the phrase ‘once upon a time‘ reiterates the fact that he wants to be what he used to be long time ago as a boy. Comment: The poet asks his son to help him be happy once again and acquire the childlike innocence he once possessed as a boy.

Why does the poet want to unlearn all these muting things?

Explanation: The poet wants to unlearn all these mutinginings in this he doesn’t want to describe mutinginings which he suffered which he did not get and just a simple way he doesn’t want to show off all these things which his son has and he did not have to make his aim and his life easy.

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What did the speaker mean by wanting to unlearn all these muting things?

He wants to unlearn all the muting things of sophistication. Particularly, he wants relearn to smile as now the poison is becoming more obvious with the fangs showing. The showing of the fangs emblematizes how the people were transforming from their seeming disguise to shameless display of iniquity.

Is Once upon a time a metaphor?

InOnce Upon a Time,” Nadine Gordimer uses a razor-wire topped wall around a single-family home as a metaphor for South Africa’s apartheid. This metaphor can be extended universally, as the story is carefully not set in any particular place and time.

What do the words ice block cold eyes mean?

Iceblockcold eyes‘ is a metaphor,which means a person is laughing without expressing his emotion.

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