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Often asked: Lucinda matlock poem?

What is the theme of Lucinda Matlock?

The theme of this poem is loving life and living it to the fullest. Lucinda Matlock is angered in the end of the poem by those who complain and focus on all the hardships in life. She endured losing most of her children but she found joy in life. Live life and love it and you will be content.

What type of poem is Lucinda Matlock?

Lucinda Matlock” is from Spoon River Anthology, a collection of epitaphs (verse written to be inscribed on a tomb or to be read in commemoration of someone who has died). The speaker in these poems addresses the reader from beyond the grave, telling about the lives they lived.

Who does Lucinda Matlock accuse of sorrow and weariness?

She comments on the “sorrow and weariness” of the “degenerate sons and daughters.” Her complaint is of the generations subsequent to her own. And one even gets the sense that she is addressing other people who are also dead, complaining about their past lives. Thus, she is responding to others in the cemetery.

Who does Lucinda Matlock address at the end of the poem?

At the end of the poem Matlock addresses the morally corrupt,telling them that there is always hardships in life but without struggle one can never grow and learn.

What is your opinion of Lucinda Matlock’s life?

In “Lucinda Matlock,” what is the title character’s attitude toward life? She thinks life is worthwhile. What kind of life has Lucinda Matlock lived as she describes it in the first 17 lines of the poem? her life has been hard, but she has had moments of happiness and fun.

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What is Fiddler Jones about?

Fiddler Jones has an open mind, he sees the world differently than the common man and is not narrow minded. He could have worked his farm like every other man, plowing his life away, but instead he decided to follow his dreams, play his music, and live his life to the fullest.

How might Matlock respond to the complaint that life today is too complex?

How might Matlock respond to the complaint that life today is too complex? ○ Matlock would likely say that life has always been complex, and people should start living it instead of complaining about it. Although this is a good way to view life, it is unreasonable.

How does Richard Cory die?

The narrator comments that Richard Cory seemed to glitter when he walked and describes him as being “richer than a king.” Despite Richard Cory’s stately appearance and positive reputation as a consummate gentleman, he abruptly commits suicide on a calm summer night.

How would you describe Miniver cheevy’s view of the past Why do you think he holds this view?

Miniver is a young man living in the wrong era where the modern approach has replaced everything. He is a great admirer of the past because he believes that it was the time of warriors and heroism, which is lost in the world around him.

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