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FAQ: Unity candle poem?

What is said during the unity candle ceremony?

As you light this candle today, may the brightness of the flame shine throughout your lives. May it give you courage and reassurance in darkness; warmth and safety in the cold; and strength and joy in your bodies, minds, and spirits. May your union be forever blessed.

How do you do a unity candle ceremony?

The Unity Candle

One of the most common ceremonies, the bride and groom each take a lit candle and simultaneously light a third larger “unity candle.” They may blow out their individual lights, or leave them lit, symbolizing that they have not lost their individuality in their unity.

Why do mothers light the unity candle?

Two taper candles will have been placed by the mothers on either side of the larger pillar candle or Unity Candle. The taper candles (already lighted) represent the lives of the bride and groom as individuals prior to their union in marriage. Unity Candle sets can be purchased at bridal shops, craft stores, and online.

Do you have to do a unity candle?

Among the most common unity ceremonies are handfasting, circling, and the lighting of a unity candle. A unity ritual is certainly not required by any means, but there may be a ceremony option that’s the perfect fit for you and your partner, whether youre looking for something religious, historical, or secular.

Is the unity candle a Catholic tradition?

The Unity Candle Ceremony is not part of the Catholic Wedding Ceremony. Catholic Tradition, instead, sees the regular reception of the Holy Eucharist as the heart of Christian Unity. For this reason, many parishes do not allow its inclusion in the ceremony.

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Where in a wedding ceremony is the unity candle?

Usually the unity candle is lit directly after you exchange vows.

Is a unity candle religious?

Are unity candles religious? The unity candle ceremony is not religious, and not known to be affiliated with any religion.

What is a Handfast marriage?

What Is Handfasting? Handfasting is an ancient Celtic ritual in which the hands are tied together to symbolize the binding of two lives. While it is most often included in Wiccan or Pagan ceremonies, it has become more mainstream and pops up in both religious and secular vows and readings.

What is the meaning of a candle lighting ceremony?

Sometimes the candle lighting ceremony represents the bringing together of the two families of the newlywed couple into one. Other couples use the ceremony to represent the union of two people becoming one.

Who walks the groom’s mother down the aisle?

As the wedding begins, the groom’s mother will be escorted down the aisle, to the first pew, right-hand side, by the head usher or a groomsman who is a family member. A nice touch includes the groom escorting his mother down the aisle. As the groom’s mother is escorted to her seat, her husband will follow along behind.

What religion uses unity candles?

A favorite Christian wedding tradition is the lighting of the unity candle. The set-up includes three candles: one that represents the bride, one that represents the groom, and one that represents their covenant marriage. The way that the candles are lit reflects the leaving and cleaving of the bride and groom.

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How do mothers light the unity candle?

Most commonly for this tradition, the bride and groom’s mothers light the taper candles and those two flames are used together to light the unity candle. This symbolizes the coming together of two families in joint love for the new couple. The taper candles are then left burning representing the two original families.

What can you do instead of a sand ceremony?

Our 15 Favourite Alternative Unity Ceremony Ideas

  • Sand Ceremony. A growing favourite wedding trend, the sand ceremony is a wonderful ceremony alternative.
  • Water Ceremony.
  • Wine Ceremony.
  • Love Letters Ceremony.
  • Unity Candle Ceremony.
  • Flower Ceremony.
  • Tree Planting Ceremony.
  • Handfasting and Tying the Knot Ceremony.

What do the colors of a sand ceremony mean?

Colors may be used to represent the following, or couples can choose spell out the meanings in the wedding program or during the ceremony: White: Purity, spiritual values, devotion. Yellow: Harmony, balance, friendship. Pink or Red: Love, passion, romance, happiness. Green: Health, luck, prosperity.

What do you do with a unity candle after the wedding?

After the wedding, the candle can be converted to an “anniversary” candle, that you re-light on each anniversary.

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