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What is a refrain example?

Refrains often occur at the end of a stanza or at a natural break between sections of a poem. Examples of Refrain: In religious songs, there is often a refrain between verses of the song, as in “Blessed Assurance”: Verse 1: Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine.

What is refrain mean?

Definition for refrain (2 of 2)

a phrase or verse recurring at intervals in a song or poem, especially at the end of each stanza; chorus. Music. a musical setting for the refrain of a poem.

Why does a poet use refrain?

Poets use refrains, or repeated lines, most often placed at the end of a stanza, to reinforce the main theme or point of a poem. … The refrains, because they were repeated over and over, became easier for listeners to remember. This tradition has persisted to the present day.

What is refrain figure of speech?

Refrain in Speeches. In speeches and other prose writing, a refrain refers simply to any phrase or sentence that is regularly repeated. Refrains are popular devices in speeches, because repetition is memorable, musical, and can help to give a common structure and meaning to disparate ideas.

Does refrain mean stop?

formal : to stop yourself from doing something that you want to do. refrain. noun. English Language Learners Definition of refrain (Entry 2 of 2) : a phrase or verse that is repeated regularly in a poem or song.

How do you use refrain in a sentence?

Refrain sentence examples

  1. You must refrain from action. …
  2. She could not refrain from weeping at these words. …
  3. You must refrain from all interference. …
  4. He will refrain from planting. …
  5. Please refrain from smoking in the bedrooms. …
  6. She knew her remarks sounded unnatural, but could not refrain from asking some more questions.
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What is the synonym of refrain?

Synonyms for refrain (from) abjure, abstain (from), forbear, forgo.

What does love refrain mean?

“The memory of love’s refrain” is the perfect way to describe how you feel when your heart reminds you of someone special… especially when that person can’t be with you any more, and you can’t be with them. … You think about them and all the feelings come back. It’s like they’re beside you, even though they’re not.

What does common refrain mean?

1. : a phrase or verse that is repeated regularly in a poem or song : chorus. 2. : a comment or statement that is often repeated. A common/familiar refrain among teachers these days is that the schools need more funding.

What is a key characteristic of refrain in poetry?

In poetry, the refrain’s purpose has a little more to it. The refrain typically appears at the end of the stanza or as its own stanza in between others, though this is not always the case. A refrain can include rhymes, but it is not necessary. It can also be repeated exactly, or the phrasing can vary slightly.

What is anaphora in poetry?

1 : repetition of a word or expression at the beginning of successive phrases, clauses, sentences, or verses especially for rhetorical or poetic effect Lincoln’s “we cannot dedicate—we cannot consecrate—we cannot hallow—this ground” is an example of anaphora — compare epistrophe.

What is an example of a repetition?

Repetition is when words or phrases are repeated in a literary work. Repetition is often used in poetry or song, and it is used to create rhythm and bring attention to an idea. … Examples of Repetition: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

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What is the example of alliteration?

Alliteration is a term to describe a literary device in which a series of words begin with the same consonant sound. A classic example is: “She sells seashells by the sea-shore.”

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