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Readers ask: Four skinny trees poem?

What do the four skinny trees symbolize?

The trees symbolize strength. They are living, and growing, despite their location in a place where they do not naturally belong. Like the trees, Esperanza is, figuratively speaking, stuck in concrete-the urban asphalt of her Mango Street neighborhood.

What is the theme of four skinny trees?


Theme: -The trees in this vignette symbolize her inspiration, and this conveys the theme that not all inspiration comes from people that you idolize. -Another theme is to stay strong even when you don’t fit in.

Why does Esperanza like and identify with the four skinny trees?

The Four Skinny Trees are out of place on Mango Street. To a great extent, Esperanza identifies with them because she sees herself out of place, to a large extent, on Mango Street. In identifying with the trees, Esperanza is seeking to explain her own state of being in the world.

What do the four trees teach Esperanza?

3. What does Esperanza learn from the trees? The trees teach Esperanza to keep reaching for what she wants, and they show her it is possible to grow.

What does Esperanza say about the trees Four skinny trees?

In “Four Skinny Trees,” Esperanza personifies the trees in her front yard, saying she and they understand each other, even that they teach her things. She relates to the trees because they don’t seem to belong in the neighborhood and because they persevere despite the concrete that tries to keep them in the ground.

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How does Esperanza feel about the four skinny trees?

Esperanza describes the four skinny trees outside her house – she says they are the only ones who understand her, and she is the only one who understands them. When Esperanza feels like giving up, seeing the trees comforts her, as they have grown despite the concrete, and they keep reaching upward no matter what.

What is the setting of four skinny trees?

The vignette “Four Skinny Trees” was written by Sandra Cisneros, in the book The House on Mango Street. Esperenza has just moved to the house on Mango Street.

Why is Esperanza afraid of Sire?

Why is Esperanza afraid of Sire? He makes her uncomfortable & stares at her when she walks by. He makes her “blood freeze” when he looks at her like that. Although she’s curious and afraid to know what he does to Lois.

What does Esperanza mean?

Esperanza is a Spanish feminine given name, meaning “hope” or “expectation”.

Why does she cry when her grandson sings the Pepsi commercial?

Why does Mamacita cry when her baby boy sings the Pepsi commercial song? Because her son is learning English. She doesn’t want him to learn English. Instead she wants all of them to return to Mexico.

How many siblings does Esperanza have?

One obvious difference between them is that Esperanza has three siblings, a sister and two brothers; Cisneros, on the other hand, grew up as the only sister to six brothers. One imagines that her mother must have been pleased to have a daughter among so many sons.

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Who dances with Esperanza?

By Sandra Cisneros

A boy who is Esperanza’s cousin by first communion asks her to dance. But she’s too ashamed of her clunky shoes, and sits with her feet tucked under her chair. Uncle Nacho forces Esperanza to get up and dance – as they twirl around the dance floor, Esperanza forgets about her ugly shoes.

Why is Earl living on Mango Street?

Why is a white Southerner like Earl living on Mango Street? Earl is an outsider in his neighborhood, and he serves to highlight the normal that he goes against.

Why is Esperanza interested in Sally?

Sally becomes an important figure for Esperanza, as she represents a kind of sexual maturity that Esperanza finds intriguing. Sally appears to have retained her autonomy while still being desirable to boys, and Esperanza wants to befriend Sally and learn her ways.

Why doesn’t Ruthie with Edna’s friends play bingo?

Ruthie doesn’t go because she can’t decide if she should go or not.

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