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Quick Answer: Take up the white man’s burden poem?

What is the white man’s burden in the poem?

“The White Man’s Burden: The United States and the Philippine Islands” (1899), by Rudyard Kipling, is a poem about the Philippine–American War (1899–1902), which exhorts the United States to assume colonial control of the Filipino people and their country.

What is the main message of the white man’s burden?

Kipling’s aim was to encourage the American government to take over the Philippines, one of the territorial prizes of the Spanish-American War, and rule it with the same energy, honor, and beneficence that, he believed, characterized British rule over the nonwhite populations of India and Africa.

Why does Jack Torrance say White Man’s Burden?

It’s possible that he is, quite simply, referring to the alcohol itself, calling it a burden in an ironic sense because he enjoys it so much, and referring to it as ‘White Man’s‘ insofar as the white man introduced alcohol into the Americas, hence they now have the ‘burden‘ of drinking it.

What is the white man’s burden and how does it relate to imperialism?

The poem “The White Man’s Burdenrelates to imperialism because it supports the problematic belief that white people are obligated to educate and improve other races. Rudyard Kipling is arguing that the United States should realize its obligation to exercise imperialism over the people of the Philippines.

How does the white man’s burden justify imperialism?

Americans justified imperialistic behavior by: Claiming that it was their responsibility. Americans and Europeans both claimed that it was their responsibility as superior races to uplift, civilize and Christianize native peoples. This was known as the White Mans Burden and was based upon the ideas of social Darwinism.

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Who is the white man’s burden addressed to?

” In fact, Kipling’s poem ”The White Man’s Burden,” written in 1899, was addressed not to the British but to the Americans, who were then, under President McKinley, beginning their own process of colonizing the Philippines.

Is the white man’s burden positive or negative?

Introduction: In 1899, British writer Rudyard Kipling was inspired by events during the Spanish- American War and composed a poem titled “The White Man’s Burden.” The poem became a focal point for the debate about imperialism and prompted both positive and negative responses, including parodies of the original poem.

What does the white man’s burden cartoon mean?

English: This cartoon depicts a representation of Rudyard Kipling’s famous poem The White Man’s Burden. The United States used the “white man’s burden” as an argument for imperial control of the Philippines and Cuba on the basis of moral necessity.

Is the white man’s burden imperialism?

Book Description: During the height of 19th century imperialism, Rudyard Kipling published his famous poem The White Man’s Burden. While some of his American readers argued that the poem served as justification for imperialist practices, others saw Kipling’s satirical talents at work and read it as condemnation.

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