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Mark strand eating poetry

What Does Eating Poetry by Mark Strand mean?

The Poem. … Mark Strand uses the first person to create a persona whose voice is Strand’s but whose experience is imaginary; indeed, the fact that the poem is a work of imagination is the main point. The story of “Eating Poetry” is simple enough. The speaker is in a library, where he is eating, not reading, poetry.

Who is the speaker of eating poetry?

The speaker in Mark Strand’s “Eating Poetry” is transformed so much by his consumption of poetry that he frightens a librarian with his animalistic behavior. At first glance, the poem focuses on the literal and visceral consumption of poetry by the speaker and how it transforms him into a doglike creature.

When did Mark poetry wrote eating poetry?


What does bookish dark mean?

Bookish Dark began as a collaboration between two book-loving best friends who lived on opposite sides of the U.S. It was a book club and playground where they could meet up and natter for ages about the books they were reading, and invite others into the conversation.

What is the theme of eating poetry?

When he says “eating poetry” it symbolizes reading a poem and absorbing and consuming all of the goodness into your heart and mind. Poetry can transform your spirit and soul and this is a possible theme. The poem exhibits the speaker’s desperation and hunger for poetry, the whole poem is a metaphor.

What is the mood of eating poetry?

The tone of “Eating Poetry,” teasing yet earnest, might best be described as exultant. Happy at the beginning of the poem and joyous at the end, the speaker’s mood does not really change.

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