What Is Scottish Writer Emily Gerard’s Connection To Transylvania?

Her familiarity with Transylvanian folklore came about as a result of her husband being stationed in the towns of Hermannstadt and Kronstadt from 1883 to 1885. Her book The Land Beyond the Forest (1890) and essay “Transylvania Superstitions” is credited with inspiring Bram Stoker to write Dracula.

What influenced Bram Stoker?

Vlad the Impaler has been commonly cited as the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Vlad the Impaler was famous for his cruelty. His practices probably inspired a lot of the dark tales of supernatural influences and horrific torture normally associated with the classic vampire.

Who was it who Stoker worked with that partly inspired the look and mood of Dracula?

According to the London Library’s Philip Spedding, Emily Gerard was one of Stoker’s main two sources.

Who was the original writer of Dracula?

Bram Stoker, byname of Abraham Stoker, (born Nov. 8, 1847, Clontarf, County Dublin, Ire. —died April 20, 1912, London, Eng.), Irish writer best known as the author of the Gothic horror tale Dracula.

Why did Bram Stoker write Dracula?

Another theory says that the writer himself admitted that after a meal of dressed crab in a fashionable restaurant in London on March 8, 1890, Stoker had a vivid nightmare about blood-sucking creatures and this spurred him to write Dracula.

What is the link between Dracula and Whitby?

THE BIRTH OF A LEGEND This ran aground on Tate Hill Sands below East Cliff, carrying a cargo of silver sand. With a slightly rearranged name, this became the Demeter from Varna that carries Dracula to Whitby with a cargo of silver sand and boxes of earth.

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Why did Mina cut off Dracula’s head?

In order for Mina to give Dracula peace, she has to cut off his head with the Bowie knife she had plunged through his heart. That meant bringing Winona and Gary back together to shoot the new moments and bits we needed to complete the narrative.

Who was Dracula in real life?

Vlad III, commonly known as Vlad the Impaler (Romanian: Vlad Țepeș [ˈvlad ˈtsepeʃ]) or Vlad Dracula (/ˈdrækjələ/; Romanian: Vlad Drăculea [ˈdrəkule̯a]; 1428/31 – 1476/77), was Voivode of Wallachia three times between 1448 and his death in 1476/77.

Who wrote Carmilla?

When Bram Stoker was researching his world-famous novel Dracula one of his biggest influences was a woman who was born into a wealthy family in the Lanarkshire town of Airdrie. A decade later in 1897, Stoker published Dracula, based on reading on the subject he had done in the previous seven years.

Who wrote Nosferatu?

The Demeter is a fictional ship featured in the 1897 novel Dracula by author Bram Stoker. The Demeter was a Russian sailing vessel responsible for bringing the vampire count Dracula from his homeland in Wallachia to the seaside town of Whitby in England.

Who wrote the Vampyre?

Bram Stoker did not sail on the Titanic. He died on April 20, 1912 just five days after the Titanic sank on April 15, 1912 after hitting an iceberg in

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