What does poignant mean in literature?

What is an example of poignant?

The definition of poignant is something that has a strong effect on emotions or the senses, especially smell. An example of poignant is the anniversary of September 11th for those who lost loved ones in the 2001 attacks.

How do you use the word poignant?

Poignant sentence example

  1. The moment was too poignant to be amusing.
  2. It was one of many poignant moments.
  3. It was a poignant portrayal of the effects of a war that touched every aspect of society.
  4. Old Man Adam’s wise words have become very poignant indeed.

Can poignant be positive?

2 Answers. As far as I know, poignant does have a positive connotation, meaning something that is moving or touching but also slightly painful. One wouldn’t describe an event as a ‘poignant tribute’ if it had a negative connotation.

Does poignant mean touching?

Some common synonyms of poignant are affecting, impressive, moving, pathetic, and touching. While all these words mean “having the power to produce deep emotion,” poignant applies to what keenly or sharply affects one’s sensitivities.

What is the difference between sad and poignant?

The difference between Poignant and Sad. When used as adjectives, poignant means sharp-pointed, whereas sad means feeling sorrow. Poignant as an adjective: Incisive; penetrating.

What does poignant mean in English?

1a(1): painfully affecting the feelings: piercing. (2): deeply affecting: touching. b: designed to make an impression: cutting poignant satire. 2a: pleasurably stimulating.

Which is the closest synonym for the word poignant?

other words for poignant

  • emotional.
  • heartbreaking.
  • heartrending.
  • moving.
  • pathetic.
  • sad.
  • sentimental.
  • touching.
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What is the antonym of poignant?

What is the opposite of poignant?

unaffecting unemotional
unimpressive blah
blunt calm
cheerful dull
happy indifferent

What does ineffable mean in English?

1a: incapable of being expressed in words: indescribable ineffable joy.

Does poignant mean sad?

poignancy Add to list Share. The noun poignancy refers to something that is deeply touching, especially something that brings forth strong emotions like sympathy, sadness, or sorrow. The noun poignancy is from the Old French word poindre, which means “to prick or sting.” Related words include the adjective poignant.

What is a word for Thought provoking?

challenging, refreshing, brainstorming, encouraging, Nurturing, stimulatory, food-for-thought, rewarding, invigorating, Empowering, cooling-off, vibrant, reflective, engaging.

What part of speech is poignant?


part of speech: adjective
related words: expressive, profound, vivid
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derivations: poignantly (adv.), poignancy (n.)

What does poignant moment mean?

1 sharply distressing or painful to the feelings. 2 to the point; cutting or piercing.

What is a poignant question?

Something that is poignant affects you deeply and makes you feel sadness or regret. adj.

What’s another word for powerful?

What is another word for powerful?

dominant effective
supreme surpassing
transcendent impressive
able capable
commanding decisive

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