Quick Answer: Who Was One Important Writer From The Gupta Period?

Uttararama-charita and Malati-Madhava were written by Bhavabhuti. Panchatantra, written by Vishnu Sharma, is one of the most famous works of this period.

Who was the most important writer in Gupta period?

Kalidasa, the greatest writer of the empire, brought plays to new heights by filling them with humor and epic heroism.

Who is the famous poet of Gupta period?

kalidasa and Magha are two poets of the Gupta period.

Who were the 4 prominent writers of the Gupta period?


  • He was a Classical Sanskrit writer, extensively considered as the greatest poet and dramatist of Gupta Period.
  • The six major works of Kalidasa are. Abhijnanashakuntala. Vikramorvashi. Malavikagnimitra. The epic poems Raghuvamsha. Kumarasambhava. Meghaduta.

Who wrote Gupta period?

Aryabhata and Varahamihira were the first one to come up with the concept of zero and also gave the theory that the earth revolves around the Sun and studied solar and lunar eclipses. The ancient Gupta text Kama Sutra was written by the Indian scholar Vatsyayana in the Sanskrit language. Governance of the Gupta Empire.

Who wrote Devi Chandragupta?

About Vishakhadatta Vishakhadatta was an Indian Sanskrit playwright and poet. He is famously known for his two plays Devichandraguptam and Mudrarakshasa. Very little is known about Vishakhadatta.

Who is known as Indian Shakespeare?

Kalidasa was acclaimed as ‘Indian Shakespeare’ who penned his masterpieces of plays, poems, epics, etc in Sanskrit, writes MEERA S. SASHITAL. The period of Kalidasa was linked and was supposed to be linked to the reign of one Vikramaditya.

Who was the court poet of Samudragupta?

Harisena, also called Harishena or Hirisena, was a 4th-century Sanskrit poet, panegyrist, and government minister. He was an important figure in the court of Gupta emperor, Samudragupta. His most famous poem, written c. 345 C.E., describes the bravery of Samudragupta and is inscribed on the Allahabad Pillar.

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Who was the prominent scholar in the Empire of Chandragupta 2?

Vararuchi. Vararuchi is the name of another gem of Chandragupta Vikramaditya who was a grammarian and Sanskrit scholar. Some historians have identified him with Katyayana. Vararuchi is said to be the author of Prakrit Prakasha, which is first Grammar of Prakrit Language.

Who were the two great grammarians of the Gupta period?

The two great grammarians of this period were Panini and Patanjali.

Who wrote Nitisara?

Nitisara ( transl. Essence of Statesmanship) or the Nitisara of Kamandaki, is an ancient Indian treatise, narrating the elements of polity and statecraft. It was authored by Kamandaka, also known as Kamandaki or Kamandakiya, who was a disciple of Chanakya.

What were the 5 achievements of the Gupta empire?

Gupta had developed advancements in Science, Engineering, art, dialectics, laterature, logic, mathematics, astronomy, religion, and philosophy. The golden age brought more knowledge including architects making amazing temples and structures.

Why Gupta age is called golden period?

This period became known as the Golden Age of India because it was marked by extensive inventions and discoveries in science, technology, engineering, art, dialectic, literature, logic, mathematics, astronomy, religion, and philosophy.

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