Quick Answer: Movie Where Woman Kidnaps Writer?

Misery (film)

Based on Misery by Stephen King
Produced by Rob Reiner Andrew Scheinman
Starring James Caan Kathy Bates Frances Sternhagen Richard Farnsworth Lauren Bacall
Cinematography Barry Sonnenfeld


Is the movie Misery based on a true story?

Stephen King’s Misery, Delphine de Vigan’s Based on a True Story, and Writers’ Fears. Delphine, like Delphine de Vigan, is a writer of some success. Following the publication of her most recent novel, however, she falls into an increasingly miserable state.

What is the movie Misery about?

Sorry, Misery is not available on American Netflix.

What did Annie Wilkes do to Paul Sheldon’s legs?

Annie reveals that she knows Paul has been leaving his room, then punishes him by cutting off his foot with an axe and cauterizing his ankle with a blowtorch, “hobbling” him.

Why did Annie cut off Paul’s thumb?

The foot incident took place after she went out to get him some paper–when she returned, she found he had been out of his room, tied him up, and cut off his foot, as she explained to him this tradition from the days of slavery, called “hobbling.” After Annie kills a policeman who comes to the house looking for the

Is Paul Sheldon a real author?

In the end, Paul Sheldon is an author – and he will write. Reading Misery is part of my great Stephen King re-read.

What mental illness does Annie Wilkes have?

According to Meloy, Wilkes has bipolar disorder, where someone can have manic psychoses as well as depressions. He also believes her profile is typical of people who stalk celebrities.

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What Stephen King movies did Kathy Bates play in?

Kathy Bates ( Misery, Dolores Claiborne, The Stand) Kathy Bates is the only actor to date who has won an Academy Award playing a Stephen King character (namely Annie Wilkes in Rob Reiner’s Misery), so it makes all kinds of sense that she would dip her toe back into those waters.

Where can I find the movie Misery?

Watch Misery Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

Does Netflix have Misery 2021?

Sorry, Misery is not available on British Netflix.

How does Annie know that Paul has been out of his room?

He didn´t have a job in sidewinter, they had an argument, he laughted and she killed him. How did Annie know that Paul had been out of his room? She noticed the marks on the door. She also found the broken pieces of the hairpin inside the lock.

Is the hobbling scene in Misery real?

Misery’s hobbling scene is the most iconic moment in the film, and it managed to be done without CGI. We look at how they pulled it off. When horror movie fans think of Misery, they often think of one particularly grueling moment — the infamous hobbling scene.

What happens in Misery’s Child that upset Annie so much?

She likens his method to Saturday serial matinees where her hero, Rocket Man, had repeatedly escaped death. One installment left Annie herself very upset because the story contained a small flaw: the car that the hero was trapped in exploded after falling from a cliff, before her hero could escape.

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