Quick Answer: How To See Writer Of Quora Question?

Click on “View Stats and Log”. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page that loads. The very first entry at the bottom will give you the name of the person who asked the question.

How do I find out who wrote a question on Quora?

If you’re on a question page and you want to find out who added it first, you can click through to the “All Changes” link under the question details.

Are Quora questions Anonymous?

No. Some questions are anonymous (You can select Anonymous under Visibility when adding a question, or anonymize questions you’ve already asked [1]). Most questions are not, and you can see who originally asked the question by looking at the change log (click the time stamp under Question Stats [2]).

Who is the author of Quora?

Quora was co-founded by former Facebook employees Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever in June 2009.

Did Quora remove anonymous?

Following the changes, Quora says it will remove those existing connections in its systems, which will require users who have previously posted anonymous content to use an anonymous edit link instead. Quora also notes it’s not removing any existing anonymous content from the site as a result of the changes.

How do I see other answers on Quora?

To see all answers on Quora without signing up or logging in, simply add? share=1 to the end of a question’s URL. By adding? share=1 to the end of that URL and pressing Enter/Return, the page will reload with all answers revealed.

Can you private message on Quora?

How can I send a private message through Quora? You can message other Quora users using our ‘Messages’ feature. You can also message a user directly by visiting their profile, clicking on the ‘more’ menu below their name & bio (e.g., the “”), then clicking the ‘Message’ link in the drop-down menu.

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Is QOOH really anonymous? is a social media service that allows people to anonymously ask questions about users. People asking questions are not required to join. If you answer a question, the answers are posted on your online profile, which is publicly available online.

Is Quora safe?

Quora is rated for teens ages 13 and older, and it can be safe for kids with adult supervision. Even if Quora does have moderators, who remove inappropriate content, answers and users, children can come across adult and mature content or negative views on various topics such as religion, politics.

Can others see what I read on Quora?

No one can see what you read on Quora unless you upvote it. If you upvote it, everyone can see that whether they are your followers or not.

Can I see who viewed my Quora profile?

Now, when you’re signed into Quora, you will register as having “viewed” questions you see in your feed or in your weekly digest email. But the system works like LinkedIn’s “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” personal analytics: If you’ve turned off Quora views, you won’t be able to see the views of others.

Who is Quora digest?

Quora Digest is a free service for all Quora users. You get notified of related questions that you might miss or overlook otherwise. You receive a top answer with the most views and upvotes in your inbox making it easier to quickly find the best answer to the question.

Is Quora private?

Alike every other social media platform, Quora caters private messaging between its users. However, keep in mind you cannot message anybody. There is an option the ”Privacy” section of your setting, where you can choose your inbox preferences.

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Why am I not allowed to answer questions Quora?

It can be for several reasons, one being that the question was locked by Quora Moderation, and another that the question has been merged with another. In the last case, you can only add an answer on the main merged question. Or you could have answered a question that has been merged into it.

Why am I blocked from adding questions on Quora?

Why have I been blocked from adding questions on Quora? Your questions are improperly formatted, or don’t really ask a question. They may be rhetorical, or create too many assumptions. You’re a troll, and you’ve had a number of downvoted questions.

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