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Operating system Linux, OS X, Microsoft Windows, Solaris
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What software is OpenOffice Writer?

OpenOffice Writer is the word processor part of the OpenOffice software package. Writer is a word processor that is like Microsoft Word and Corel’s WordPerfect. Just like all of the OpenOffice suite, Writer can be used on many Operating Systems, including Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris.

Which operating system does run on? is a free office suite of applications available for many different operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X. It is intended to be a compatible alternative to Microsoft Office.

Is OpenOffice Writer cloud based?

More details have emerged about the forthcoming cloud-based version of Apache OpenOffice (AOO). A cloud version of OpenOffice writer, AOO’s document editor, was shown at a presentation at the ApacheCon Europe event in Germany this week.

Is OpenOffice Writer a word processor?

OpenOffice Writer is the free word processor in the OpenOffice suite, which also includes a spreadsheet program, presentation program, and database program. Writer holds up well when compared to professional and expensive word processors such as Microsoft Word.

Can I use OpenOffice with Windows 10?

Windows Version Support The current Apache OpenOffice supports Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Does OpenOffice have Excel?

In the free open-source office suite Apache OpenOffice, Calc is the spreadsheet equivalent to Microsoft Excel. Calc allows you to open and edit files originally saved in other programs and formats, including Excel XLS and XLSX.

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Is Apache OpenOffice the same as OpenOffice? was once the open-source office suite of choice, but it fractured into two separate projects — Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice. Never mind Oracle Open Office, which was actually a closed-source office suite and was discontinued.

Is Apache OpenOffice compatible with Microsoft Office?

Although Apache OpenOffice can open Microsoft Office files. Microsoft Office has various degrees of support for ODF, starting in Office 2007, but earlier versions: MSO ’97, Office XP etc, are not able to open, read or write ODF documents.

How do I open OpenOffice calc?

8.3. 1. Overview of Calc

  1. With Calc open, go to File => Open, click on the Folder icon, or press [Ctrl] – [O].
  2. Navigate to the location of the spreadsheet.
  3. Double-click on the spreadsheet name or click once to highlight it and then click the OK button.

Does OpenOffice have a database?

Base is a fully featured desktop database management system, designed to meet the needs of a broad array of users, from tracking a personal CD collections, to producing a corporate monthly departmental sales reports.

Which is better OpenOffice or LibreOffice?

Although both LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice can open and edit native Microsoft formats DOCX and XLSX, only LibreOffice is able to save to these formats. If you’re going to be sharing documents with people using Microsoft Office, LibreOffice might therefore be the better choice.

Is OpenOffice a free software?

Apache OpenOffice is free software. That means you are free to download it, free to install it on as many PCs as you like, free to pass copies to as many people as you like. You may use OpenOffice for any purpose without restriction: private, educational, public administration, commercial… Free, really free.

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What is worksheet in Open Office Calc?

Spreadsheets consist of a number of individual sheets, each containing cells arranged in rows and columns. A particular cell is identified by its column letter and row number. These cells hold the individual elements—text, numbers, formulas, and so on—that make up the data to display and manipulate.

Is MS Excel a word processor?

Microsoft excel is defined as a spreadsheet that mainly helps record or put the data in tables. It is a word processing application. It is a spreadsheet application. A new document or file MS word presents a blank page where users can enter texts, insert images, creates tables, etc.

Can Apache OpenOffice open word documents?

Apache’s OpenOffice Writer is a versatile program, with one of its strengths being the ability to open and read document formats from other word processors, such as Microsoft Word and the. doc and. docx formats.

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