Question: How To Draw A Line In Openoffice Writer?

Drawing a straight line Drag the mouse while keeping the mouse button pressed. Release the mouse button at the point where you want to end the line. A blue or green selection handle appears at each end of the line, showing that this is the currently selected object.

How do I insert a line in OpenOffice writer?

Choose Format > Line from the menu bar. Select from the Line style drop‑down menu a style similar to the desired one. Click Add. On the pop-up dialog, type a name for the new line style and click OK.

How do you draw on OpenOffice writer?

To use a drawing tool:

  1. Click in the document where you want the drawing to be anchored.
  2. Select the tool from the Drawing toolbar.
  3. Move the cross-hair pointer to the place in the document where you want the graphic to appear and then click-and-drag to create the drawing object.

Where is the drawing toolbar in OpenOffice writer?

To begin using the drawing tools, select View > Toolbars > Drawing. The drawing toolbar appears at the bottom of the screen. You can tear off this toolbar and move it to a convenient place on the window.

How do you draw shapes in OpenOffice?

How to Insert a Shape in OpenOffice

  1. Open an OpenOffice Draw document, and look for the “Drawing” toolbar.
  2. Click one of the toolbar’s shapes to turn your cursor into a crosshair.
  3. Click the shape, hold down your left mouse button and drag the shape to the place on the document where you want it to appear.

How do I draw a horizontal line in WPS?

Open the document, click Insert → Header and Footer. At the footer, click Insert → Shapes, choose Lines, and press Shift+Lines at the same time to draw a line.

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How do I draw an arrow in open office?

Click on the icon to draw an arrow. Draw the lines and arrows. Click on the small black triangle on the button to open a floating toolbar with 10 tools for drawing lines and arrows. Alternatively you can click directly on the symbol to repeat the last used command chosen from this toolbar.

How do you insert a line in LibreOffice writer?

Open LibreOffice Draw and from the drawing toolbar on the left click on the insert line button.

  1. Using your mouse drag from one point to another to draw a line.
  2. A line would be drawn based on the default line width and color.

How do you insert a straight line in WPS Office?

How to insert a line in WPS Writer

  1. First click the Insert tab.
  2. Then click the Shape button.
  3. Here we can select the needed line style in the Line area. Now we can draw a line with the mouse.

How can you show a drawing toolbar in Writer document?

To begin using the drawing tools, display the Drawing toolbar, by clicking View > Toolbars > Drawing. If you are planning to use the drawing tools repeatedly, you can tear off this toolbar and move it to a convenient place on the window.

How do you add drawing objects to a writer?


  1. Click View | Toolbars | Customize.
  2. From the Toolbar drop-down, select Drawing.
  3. Click the Add button (Figure C)
  4. Select Drawing from the Category.
  5. Scroll through the list of objects in the Commands window.

How do I enable the drawing toolbar?

Click View > Toolbars > Drawing. The Drawing toolbar is displayed or hidden. The Drawing toolbar contains a collection of icon buttons that allows the user to draw shapes and images in the document. Provides a number of features for drawing.

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How can you open the drawing toolbar?

Accessing the Drawing Toolbar From the View menu, select Toolbars » Drawing. The Drawing toolbar appears at the bottom of the screen.

What is draw Toolbar?

The drawing toolbar was a feature in Microsoft Word that allowed users to draw and color shapes, add text effects and create text boxes within a Word document. Users could choose from pre-drawn shapes, add clip art or draw their own shapes. It can also be used to to manipulate text to create interesting headers.

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