Often asked: What To Put On A Freelance Writer Business Card?

Business Cards for Writers & Journalists

  1. Read me like a book.
  2. I Love Spreadsheets.
  3. Get me a napkin!
  4. Less is More.

What should be on a freelancer business card?

What all freelance business cards must have

  • Your Name (Your first and last name — both are important for credibility!)
  • Business Name and/or Logo (If you don’t have a logo, just typing out the business name will do)
  • Website (your full URL:

What should an author put on their business card?

At a minimum, your business card has to include your name (or pen name), your author website URL, and a basic description of what you write. Think of this part as a tagline for your author career, much like a tagline for your book. Make it easy for people to understand exactly what you focus on in your writing.

How do I brand myself as a freelance writer?

Here are six ways you can brand yourself to better paying freelance writing jobs.

  1. 1 Your Author Bio. For many, your author bio is just a place to feature links to your website or portfolio and explain what you do.
  2. 2 Your Headshot.
  3. 3 Your Website Design.
  4. 4 Your Writing.
  5. 5 Your Social Media Profiles.
  6. 6 In Your Visuals.

Should a writer have a business card?

Every author should have a business card. It’s an inexpensive (and fun) way to market your book. They are a great way to be remembered by potential readers, publishers, and retailers. Plus, author business cards are so much fun to collect and trade at conferences.

How can I spice up my business card?

Add varnish that will enhance your card with deeper colors and enrich the card’s design. The varnish can be coated as a matte, silk or gloss to seal the paper and keep your card from wearing. The spot UV highlights certain areas of the card such as the logo, text or graphic.

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How do you brand yourself as a writer?

Branding is the keystone to your authorial strategy. Branding is even more important than actually writing. How will you know what to write if you have not branded yourself or been branded by outside entities?

How do I market myself as an editor?

7 steps to marketing yourself as a freelance editor

  1. Know.
  2. Goal: Know your ideal customer, and get them to notice you by meeting them where they already are.
  3. Like.
  4. Goal: Collect email addresses to add to your list.
  5. Trust.
  6. Goal: Get the customer to trust your brand enough that they want to try out your services.
  7. Try.

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