Often asked: So What Miles David Writer?

The piano-and-bass introduction for the piece was written by Gil Evans for Bill Evans (no relation) and Paul Chambers on Kind of Blue.

So What (Miles Davis composition)

“So What”
Composition by Miles Davis
Producer(s) Teo Macero


Who wrote So What by Miles Davis?

Davis was at the forefront of a number of major stylistic developments in jazz over his five-decade career. Mood: Casual, lively, smooth. Texture: Homophonic for the majority of the record, trumpet and saxophones accompanied by double bass ostinato and piano chords.

Why is So What by Miles Davis important?

Miles Davis is so important to jazz because of his ability to continually evolve. His innovations forever changed jazz, and although a great trumpet player, he is most remembered for his stylistic innovations. Miles got his first trumpet as a gift from his father, a wealthy dentist, in 1939, when he was thirteen.

Who played piano on Miles Davis So What?

This song, called “So What,” is one of the most recognizable jazz songs around the world. It features Miles Davis on trumpet, John Coltrane on tenor sax, Cannonball Adderley on alto sax, Bill Evans on piano, Paul Chambers on bass and Jimmy Cobb on drums.

What happened to jazz guitarist Ronny Jordan?

Guitarist Ronny Jordan, one of the musicians who spearheaded the Acid Jazz movement in the early 1990s, has died at the age of 51. The London-born performer’s death was announced by his brother and sister through a tribute page on Facebook. Jordan also won a Mobo award for best jazz act that year.

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What is the melody of So What by Miles Davis?

The melody of “So What” is a call in the bass followed by a response from the piano and horns. The response part is a pair of minor seventh chords a whole step apart. Miles Davis didn’t invent this riff; it’s a jazz accompaniment cliche, widely used by pianists, guitarists and horn section arrangers.

What was unique about Miles Davis trumpet playing?

Throughout most of his 50-year career, Davis played the trumpet in a lyrical, introspective style, often employing a stemless Harmon mute to make his sound more personal and intimate.

Who composed Boogie Stop Shuffle?

Boogie Stop Shuffle: 4 Saxophones AATBar Conductor Score & Parts: Charles Mingus.

How many chords are used in so what?

The “So what chord” is a five note chord voicing coming from the Dorian mode. It is built with three perfect fourths and one major third. This creates a combination of quartal harmony (chords built in fourths) and tertiary harmony (chords built in thirds).

Why did pink write so what?

Selected as the album’s lead single, “So What” was first released to mainstream radios on August 25, 2008, through LaFace and Zomba Label Group. The song consists of a martial beat and synth backing. The lyrics are based on her separation from motocross racer Carey Hart, which occurred six months prior to the release.

Who plays the famous 5 4 fusion song Take Five?

Did you know that the Dave Brubeck song that was made famous by the Dave Brubeck Quartet, “Take Five” has a 5/4 signature? That’s a fun fact to know as you listen to this concert featuring the music of Dave Brubeck, considered one of America’s foremost musicians.

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Who played Freddie Freeloader piano?

Davis employed Wynton Kelly as the pianist for this track in place of Bill Evans, as Kelly was something of a blues specialist. The solos are by Kelly, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley and Paul Chambers. The origin of the title is disputed.

Who wrote Flamenco Sketches?

Miles Davis was an innovator in jazz music, helping to define jazz fusion, and develop modal jazz. Most notably, Davis used his trumpet as a way to emulate the sound of the human voice by cutting out vibrato, turning his jazz into a smoother and more emotional form of music.

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