Kobe bryant poetry

Did Kobe Bryant write a poem?

In 2015, Bryant had written a poem titled ‘Dear Basketball’ after he announced his retirement from the game. He then collaborated with Glen Keane and John Williams to turn his poem into a short film, which went on to win the Best Animated Short Film at the Academy Awards (Oscars) in 2018.

What does Kobe Bryant mean when he says Mamba?

The Black Mamba

When did Kobe Bryant wrote his poem?


Why did Kobe write his poem?

It was not exactly something the Lakers legend intended to do when he first wrote it. Bryant wrote “Dear Basketball” in The Players’ Tribune in 2015 as a poem to announce his retirement from the NBA.

What type of poem is dear basketball?

‘Dear Basketball’ by Kobe Bryant is a nine-stanza poem that is separated into uneven sets of lines. These range in length from one single line up to seven. No rhyme scheme unifies this poem, nor is there a metrical pattern.

Why did Kobe win an Oscar?

Bryant won an Oscar in 2018 for Best Animated Short, two years after his retirement from the Los Angeles Lakers. He brought home a golden statue for his contribution as executive producer to the animated short film, “Dear Basketball,” which was based on a poem he wrote about his retirement.

Does Vanessa Bryant have siblings?

Sophie Laine

What does Kobe mean?


Was Kobe close to his parents?

Kobe Bryant was estranged from his parents for awhile

Lakers icon, Kobe Bryant, found his love of basketball through his father, Joe “Jellybean” Bryant. Joe began with the Philadelphia 76ers, the SanDiego (now Los Angeles) Clippers, and finally, the Houston Rockets.

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How long is Kobe Bryant’s short film?


How long is Kobe Bryant’s dear basketball?

1h 45m

What is the theme of Kobe Bryant’s poem?

“Dear Basketball” illustrated the poem Bryant wrote in 2015 as a farewell to the sport he loved; it served as his announcement that the 2015-16 season would be his last. In the poem, recognizing that his body can no longer bear the game’s demands, he accepts the inevitably of retirement.

What does Kobe personify in his poem?

He approaches his journey chronologically, opening with the touching image of a small boy shooting imaginary goals using his father’s rolled-up socks. Basketball is personified as “you” and halfway through he intentionally capitalises the addressee – “YOU” – in a powerful message of commitment.

What figurative language device is Kobe using here?

Kobe Bryant, shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, broke up with basketball on Nov. 29. Bryant announced his retirement from the team through poetry, using personification, apostrophe (the rhetorical device for talking to someone who isn’t there), anthropomorphism, and repetition.

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