FAQ: Russia Writer Who Died 1837?

Aleksandr Pushkin, in full Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin, (born May 26 [June 6, New Style], 1799, Moscow, Russia—died January 29 [February 10], 1837, St.

Which Russian writer died in a duel?

Both Pushkin, Russia’s greatest poet, and Lermontov, who ran him a close second, were killed in duels. Pushkin was thirty-seven when he died in 1837, Lermontov ten years younger when he was killed in 1841.

Why is Alexander Pushkin famous?

Alexander Pushkin (1799-1837) is rightly considered to be the founding father of the modern Russian language. He rejected the high-blown style of classic Russian poetry, breaking down the barrier between colloquial speech and the elevated odes of the past. Russians still use Pushkin’s language today.

How did Aleksandr Pushkin die?

D’Anthès was only lightly wounded in the right arm by Pushkin’s shot. Two days later, on 29 January (10 February) at 14:45, Pushkin died of peritonitis.

Why was Pushkin killed?

Pushkin and his wife met George D’Anthès in 1834. Although it was never proven that Natalya, who had also flirted with Tsar Nicholas, had been unfaithful, the inevitable duel took place on the afternoon of 27 January 1837 and Pushkin was killed.

Who killed Mikhail Lermontov?

At the age of 27, the famous Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov really died in a duel at the hands of his old friend Nikolai Martynov.

Was Pushkin a decembrist?

The collapse of the rising had been a grievous experience for Pushkin, whose heart was wholly with the “guilty” Decembrists, five of whom had been executed, while others were exiled to forced labour in Siberia.

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How many languages did Alexander Pushkin speak?

He had a talent for languages Naturally, he was also a master of the Russian language, which is evident from his works. But on top of those two, Pushkin spoke a total of ten languages. His linguistic abilities are also evident from the library he had in his St Petersburg apartment – over 4,500 books in 14 languages.

Who wrote the Russian language?

The first grammar of the Russian language was written by Vasily Adodurov in the 1740s, and a more influential one by Mikhail Lomonosov in 1755.

Why was Alexander Pushkin exiled?

Early works, 1814–1820 After finishing school, Pushkin led a wild and undisciplined life. However, even before Russlan and Ludmilla was published in June 1820, Pushkin was exiled to the south of Russia because of the political humor he had expressed in his earlier poems.

Where did Pushkin die?

In December 1828 in Moscow, Pushkin first met his future wife, Natalia Goncharova. Then at the age of sixteen, Goncharova was already a celebrated beauty in Moscow society, and Pushkin later admitted that he fell in love at their first meeting.

What happened to Pushkin’s wife?

1848). Natalia died on 26 November 1863 and her ashes were laid in the cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra.

Did Pushkin speak English?

His curiosity led him to eventually learn as many as 16 languages. According to multiple sources online, he knew French, Old French, Italian, Spanish, English, German, Ancient Greek, Latin, Old Russian, Church Slavonic, Serbian, Polish, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Arabic and Turkish. The library of his St.

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