FAQ: Fountain Pens What Is Wet Writer?

A ‘wet’ writer is a pen that lays down ink liberally on the paper so that it shimmers and shines in the light. Wet pens put down ink so freely that it can take a while to dry and on bad paper, this causes feathering and bleeding (where the ink spreads out and goes all messy).

What is a wet ink for fountain pen?

Fountain pen inks vary in viscosity. This simply means some are more “wet” or “dry”. Wetter inks have a faster flow while dry inks have a slower flow and more surface tension. Wetter inks include Omas Technical ink Blue, Noodlers Ink Widow Maker, or Aurora black.

What is a wet pen?

A ‘wet ink’ signature is where the parties to the document write (sign) their names with their own hands upon a paper document by ink pen. If a traditional wet ink signature on a piece of paper is scanned in to an electronic device, the scanned version is an electronic signature.

Which fountain pen writes the smoothest?

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Fountain pens are regarded as the smoothest writing pen, and the Lamy Safari is no exception.

What is a lubricated ink?

Lubricated inks are inks that have an additive to make the ink flow easier and smoother. Monteverde uses what they call “ITF Technology” to make their inks smooth and lubricated. Pilot Iroshizuku inks are often referred to as lubricated, but they aren’t, they just have a nice wet flow.

What does a wet signature mean?

When a person uses a pen or seal to sign their name on a physical paper document, they have endorsed it with a wet signature. Today, electronic signatures and records can carry the same weight and legal effect as traditional handwritten signatures and paper documents in most cases.

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Why is my fountain pen so wet?

When a fountain pen puts ink down too quickly, it will create wide, wet lines that can be difficult to control and take a long time to dry. It also increases the likelihood of the ink feathering or bleeding through the paper. In extreme cases, ink might even drip or leak from the nib.

Which is the best fountain pen?

The best fountain pens you can buy

  1. Caran D’ache Ecridor Retro Palladium-Coated Fountain Pen.
  2. Montblanc Le Grand 146 Fountain Pen.
  3. Kingsman + Conway Stewart Churchill Fountain Pen.
  4. Waterman Fountain Pen.
  5. Parker Duofold Gold Trimmed Fountain Pen.
  6. Faber-Castell Pear Wood.
  7. Pilot Capless.
  8. Parker Sonnet.

Is Montblanc ink dry or wet?

The ink is wet, but dries in a reasonable time. There is some shading, but overall I found in medium and broad nibs it laid a fairly consistent in tone line. Some inks lose their punch as they dry, but not do for Psychedelic Purple.

How do you make dry ink wet?

To make an ink wetter, adding a tiny (tiny) amount of dish soap may work. I’d recommend decanting a few milliliters into a sample vial, then dipping a toothpick in dish soap and swishing it around in the vial, then seeing how the new sample writes.

How do I increase the flow in my fountain pen?

Increase the ink flow: Holding the pen on a large open desk with the nib pointed upright, and looking at the underside of the nib (the feed), catch each shoulder of the nib with your thumbnails. Pull gently apart while pressing down gently on the top of the nib.

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Why fountain pen is better than ballpoint?

Fountain pens are better than ballpoint pens because they are more comfortable to hold, are smoother to write with, and can create line variations with their flexible nibs. They are more customizable, with a vast range of ink colors to choose from.

What should I look for in a fountain pen?

What to Look Out for When Buying a Fountain Pen

  • Stainless Steel: strong, sturdy inexpensive to replace. Great for everyday use and suitable for children.
  • Iridium Tip: reinforces stainless steel on higher quality pens.
  • Solid Gold: a practical luxury. Gradually moulds to your writing style over time.

Which pen is best for writing?

The best ballpoint pens for writing

  • Bic Cristal. Bic is a classic pen brand for a reason.
  • Cross Classic Century Ballpoint Pen. Cross is known for its attention to aesthetics, and this pen doesn’t disappoint.
  • Pilot Dr. Grip.
  • Uni-ball Jetstream.

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