Whose poetry did george crumb set in his second book of madrigals?

Who is the inventor of the prepared piano?

John Cage

Who wrote the text for Caballito Negro?

Ivan Trevino

Who invented the prepared piano quizlet?

Henry Cowell’s

Which composer adapted Indian and African instruments to fit a microtonal tuning system?

Harry Partch

Who is considered the father of the 12 tone system?

ARnold Schoenberg’s

Which two composers influenced John Cage?

His teachers included Henry Cowell (1933) and Arnold Schoenberg (1933—35), both known for their radical innovations in music, but Cage’s major influences lay in various East and South Asian cultures.

Why did composers shift from tonality to the 12 tone system?

turned away from avant-garde styles and wrote compositions with a uniquely African American flavor. … continued composition of symphonies in the classical style. Composers began to shift from tonality to the twelve-tone system because. they discovered it was a compositional technique rather than a special musical style.

Which of the following composers was strongly influenced by gamelan music?

Some are well known in the West – McPhee was only one of many composers influenced by gamelan, from Debussy, Satie and Benjamin Britten to Cage, Reich and Philip Glass – while others are buried deep within the island itself.

Which music group or performer influence the career of Jennifer Higdon?

Compositional style and influence

Jennifer Higdon’s musical background has influenced her in many unique ways. Her musical style grew out of her humble beginnings, listening to groups like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Simon & Garfunkel, and many other bands, rather than to classical music.

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Who is most associated with chance music?

John Cage

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