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What is Sherman Alexie known for?

Sherman Alexie, in full Sherman Joseph Alexie, Jr., (born October 7, 1966, Wellpinit, Spokane Indian Reservation, near Spokane, Washington, U.S.), Native American writer whose poetry, short stories, novels, and films about the lives of American Indians won him an international following.

Is Sherman Alexie Native American?

Poet, novelist, screen play and short story writer, Sherman Alexie, a Spokane/Coeur d’Alene Indian, was born in 1966. He grew up on the Spokane Indian Reservation in Wellpinit, Washington.

What was Sherman Alexie born with?

7 октября 1966 г. (возраст 54 года)

What was Sherman Alexie’s childhood like?

Born and raised on the Spokane Indian Reserve, Washington, Alexie had a very troublesome childhood. He was born with a serious health condition that required complicated surgery when he was just an infant. … A brilliant student in spite of his health problems, he earned a scholarship to attend the Gonzaga University.

Why was The Absolutely True Diary banned?

The controversy stems from the novel’s discussion of alcohol, poverty, bullying, violence, sexuality, profanity and slurs related to homosexuality and mental disability. As a result, some schools have banned the book from school libraries or inclusion in curricula.

When was Sherman Alexie considered a successful writer?

Alexie’s first collection of short stories, “The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven” (1993), won him a PEN/Hemingway Award for Best First Book of Fiction. He followed up with a first novel, “Reservation Blues” (1995) and a second, “Indian Killer” (1996), both award winners.

Who are the Spokane Indian tribe?

The Spokan or Spokane people are a Native American Plateau tribe who have inhabited the eastern portion of present-day Washington state and parts of northern Idaho in the United States of America. The current Spokane Indian Reservation is located in northeastern Washington, centered at Wellpinit (Sčecuwe).

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What is the message of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian?

The main themes in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian are alienation, friendship, and death. Alienation: Junior becomes a “part-time” Indian, and he is alienated by both his Indian friends’ and his white friends’ inability to understand the unique struggles he faces as he straddles both worlds.

Did Sherman Alexie’s sister die?

His memoir is a hybrid, braiding prose passages with poems that together create the quality of a song, with story lines that ebb and return, like a chorus or fugue — the tale of Alexie’s older half-sister, Mary, who died in a house fire; the tale of his mother Lillian’s rape that conceived Mary; and the rape that …

How many kids does Sherman Alexie have?

Education: Wellpinit elementary school; Reardon high school; Gonazaga university, Spokane; Washington State University, Pullman, BA 1995. Married: 1994 Diane (two sons). Employment: 1992 high school international exchange programme coordinator; full-time writer. Novels: 1995 Reservation Blues; ’96 Indian Killer.

What was Sherman Alexie’s education?

Indian Education, by Sherman Alexie, is a collection of stories about growing up Native American. Pathos is the main rhetoric device that Alexie used in this collection of stories. With the first story, “First Grade” the audience feels pity for the speaker, who is a young Indian boy being bullied.

What influenced Sherman Alexie?

The book was mostly inspired by the readings of works from many other Native American writers. … Though Alex Kuo influenced Alexie the most he was still influenced by other Native American author. Such as, Simon Ortiz, Leslie Marmon Silko, Adrian C. Louis, and Luci Tapahonso.

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What high schools did Sherman Alexie go to?

Gonzaga UniversityWashington State UniversityReardan High School

What does Sherman Alexie do now?

Sherman Joseph Alexie Jr. (born October 7, 1966) is a Spokane-Coeur d’Alene-American novelist, short story writer, poet, and filmmaker. His writings draw on his experiences as an Indigenous American with ancestry from several tribes. He grew up on the Spokane Indian Reservation and now lives in Seattle, Washington.

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